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Choggiung Ltd. acquires majority ownership of Bristol Alliance of Companies

June 26, 2018

Travis Woods, Bristol Industries, LLC, President and Chief Executive Officer
907-563-0013 or

Choggiung Ltd. acquires majority ownership of Bristol Alliance of Companies

Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), an Alaska Native regional corporation, announced today that Choggiung Ltd. (Choggiung), a long-standing Alaska Native village corporation in the Bristol Bay region, acquired a majority ownership of the Bristol Alliance of Companies (Bristol), a group of companies providing construction, environmental and professional services to private and government clients. BBNC will retain a minority interest and will remain actively involved in the continued success of the Bristol companies.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) approved the change in ownership and the sale is scheduled to close on July 31, 2018.

“I am excited about the new partnership between Choggiung and BBNC leadership, and how Bristol’s work can contribute to their common goal of investing in the future of Native communities and the lives of shareholders,” said Travis Woods, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bristol Industries, LLC, who will continue to lead the Bristol companies. “Whether Bristol employees are renovating housing for the military, designing a new bridge in a remote Alaskan village, or exploring new opportunities, we remain deeply committed to safely delivering quality work for our clients as we have done for nearly 25 years.”

The groundbreaking partnership between Choggiung and BBNC reflects a new trajectory and strategic investment in the federal contracting market for Choggiung. Headquartered in Dillingham, Alaska, Choggiung serves approximately 2,100 shareholders, and it currently operates with business lines in commercial real estate, hospitality, and natural resource development.

“This investment shows our confidence in the Bristol Alliance of Companies’ management, the quality of work they do, and the future of this business,” said Cameron Poindexter, President and CEO of Choggiung Ltd. “On behalf of Choggiung’s Board of Directors and staff, I warmly welcome Bristol to the Choggiung family. We are all excited to unleash the potential this opportunity represents as we work to build our financial strength and provide benefits to our shareholders.”


About Bristol: The Bristol Alliance of Companies provide a range of services, including engineering; civil and vertical construction; environmental remediation; fuel systems; range and unexploded ordnance response services; electrical and telecommunications services; and demolition and site preparation services throughout the U.S., its territories, and select international locations. Learn more at

About Choggiung Ltd.: Choggiung Ltd. is a village corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Based in Dillingham, Alaska, Choggiung is the largest village corporation in the Bristol Bay region serving approximately 2,100 shareholders. Learn more at

About BBNC: Bristol Bay Native Corporation is a responsible Alaska Native investment corporation dedicated to the mission of “Enriching Our Native Way of Life.” Established through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, BBNC works to protect the land in Bristol Bay, celebrate the legacy of its people, and enhance the lives of its shareholders. Learn more at

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Latest Email Newsletter

Alliance Outlook Spring 2015

February 06, 2015

A Message from the President

When I was named president and CEO of Bristol Industries, LLC, a year ago, I knew there were many exciting and challenging times ahead.

My first and main priority was to build on the mantra “Teamwork, Trust and Truth” that each employee in the Bristol companies has pursued over the past 20 years.

I worked with each company’s general manager and supervisors to step back and take a fresh look at all processes and procedures, and adopt efficiencies in those areas. We implemented a total performance program to standardize expectations and development, performance reviews and compensation. We also instituted our Code Zero program, which reinforces our commitment to safety. You can read about some of our recent successes with that program here.

We introduced two companies: Bristol Site Contractors, LLC, and Bristol Prime Contractors, LLC, both of which you’ll hear more about in coming months.

The results: the Bristol companies have strengthened a foundation of retaining the best employees and providing them with guidelines that enable them to operate effectively. I believe these steps will continue to provide clients the best services available throughout all the companies.

The Bristol companies have also continued their dedication to supporting the Bristol Bay region and communities where employees work.

For the third year, the Bristol Alliance of Companies hosted the Koliganek School junior and senior classes on their career trip to Anchorage. These 11 students spoke to employees and participated in an egg drop competition. Sonya Edwards, a Bristol Bay Native Corporation shareholder, spent time this summer as an intern, working on special projects with the estimating, construction and document production areas. Sonya is from New Stuyahok, Alaska.

Anchorage employees volunteered their efforts again this year with Habitat for Humanity and our twice-yearly cleanup efforts at Beluga Point, Alaska. During the holidays, Bristol donated money toward charities in communities where we work.

While 2014 saw many changes, I believe these efforts leave the Bristol companies well positioned for greater successes in 2015.

I want to thank our parent company BBNC and its shareholders, as well as our clients and employees for all of the support throughout 2014. I look forward to working with you all in the coming year.

Travis Woods
President and CEO
Bristol Industries, LLC

Bristol Industries, LLC, is the administrative arm for the companies marketed under the Bristol Alliance of Companies umbrella. BI offers support in areas such as administration, information technology, proposal writing, shareholder outreach, and health and safety.


The Bristol companies closed 2014 with a great – and greatly improved – safety record. The year 2014 closed with more than 605,000 man-hours and zero lost-time injuries. This was a marked improvement over 2013, where the companies had nearly 740,000 hours, but 12 recordable injuries.

In 2014, Bristol Industries, LLC, which oversees the safety programs for all Bristol companies, introduced the Code Zero program, with a goal of zero incidents, zero injuries and zero losses. A wide education program reinforced the Code among all employees.

“The year’s safety record is outstanding,” said Travis Woods, President and CEO of Bristol Industries. “The Code Zero program helps employees focus on the importance of working safely. As we look forward, the Health and Safety group will continue its efforts to improve on 2014’s record.”

Safety Compliance Manager Wayne McDaniel is vigilant with his commitment to reinforcing and educating employees about the Code.

“Operating in a safe work environment is the responsibility of every individual on a job site,” he said. “We’ll continue our efforts to provide everyone with the best practices and procedures to keep those zeros as the prime directive.”

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